Doi Khuntan National Park


About 70 kms south of Chiang Mai. It takes about 1 hour to drive from Chiang Mai to Doi Khuntan National Park.

Protected areas

Doi Khuntan was declared a national park in 1975 and covers 225 square kilometres. Khuntan National Park is the only national park with a railway station.


We offer two programs in Doi Khuntan National Park. The Doi Khuntan Escape is a two day/one night program with an overnight in the park and including a scenic train ride.
For those with a bit more time we made a three day/two night program combining the trainride, Doi Khuntan, the Thai Elephant Conservation Center and Lampang, called Trains, Trees, Elephants and Horse Carts.

Doi Khuntan gets very few visitors apart from during the weekend when there are many Thai visitors.

Other activities

The Thai Elephant Conservation Center is not far from Doi Khuntan National Park.


There are no villages in the park.


Mountains: Doi Khuntan is the highest mountain at 1363 meters elevation.

Waterfalls: there are a number of smaller waterfalls in the park

Railway tunnel: the 1,3 kilometres long Khuntan railway tunnel is the longest in Thailand. Construction was begun in 1907 and completed in 1918.


At lower elevations there is deciduous dipterocarp forest, which covers about half the park. Closer to the summit you will find degraded evergreen forest and lots of pinetrees, both the Pinus Merkusii (two-needled pine) and the Pinus Kesiya (three-needled pine).
(Elliot, The National Parks and other  Wild Places of Thailand)


Only small mammals such as Siamese Hare, Slow Loris, squirrels, civet and marten live in the park. In the 1920s the park supported gibbons, hornbills, bears, monkeys and even tigers.

Royal Projects

There are no Royal Projects in and around Doi Khuntan National Park

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