Food on our treks

Food on our treks

Food is a very important component of our tours. Thailand is world famous for its fantastic kitchen. Northern Thailand has its own specialties. The mountainous areas also have their own specific dishes.We think food is an essential element of your trip. We want to surprise you with dishes and specialties you have never seen or tasted before.You need a lot of energy on our trips and food should provide you with the fuel you need to trek through the forest.


The fresh food markets in Northern Thailand are an attraction in itself. Despite the proliferation of superstores such as Lotus and Big C, fresh food markets fortunately are still thriving. Our guides will take you to the most interesting local markets. They will involve you in the shopping and explain about some of the most exotic food that is for sale there. Where ever possible we will buy food in the mountain villages.

Healthy food

We promote healthy food. You will get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables on our treks and tours. We promote vegetarian food. We do serve meat but during all meals there will be at least one vegetarian dish.

Our guides don’t use monosodium glutamate.

Local food vs. Western food

We promote local food and, where ever possible, will buy food at the place where it is produced.

During our treks you will be served a combination of Thai dishes and Northern Thai specialties. We only serve local food because we think this adds to the authenticity and quality of your experience. We hope to surprise you with serving some dishes and specialties you have never tasted in your life

On private treks we do provide bread on request.  Apart from this we don’t serve any Western food or other non-local food.We want to surprise you!

Our guides our great cooks. They take care of the menu. Before your trekking they will ask you what you don’t like or can’t eat. Apart from that the menu is a surprise …and a pleasant one. You can be sure of that.

Cooking course

All our guides are good cooks and, if you are interested you can help them preparing the meals.  They appreciate a helping hand and maybe you will learn some recipes and handy tricks of the cooking trade.

Dietary requirements

If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

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