Why Book a Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventure?

  • We strive to organize meaningful experiences and try to develop unique programs!
  • Our guides are very experienced. They all speak proper English and are constantly updating their knowledge. Training is an ongoing, never ending process. Our guides are the best in the business. Professional, knowledgeable and flexible, and that does make a difference!
  • If you are considering going out into the Thai jungle... Don't you want to be amazed with information about the animals that live here? Don’t you want to be surprised by tasting, smelling and feeling plants you’ve never seen back at home? Realize you’re walking around in a region with a turbulent history and there is quite a lot to tell about the local tribal people who call this their homeland. 
  • We serve very good food on our treks and in ample quantity. Thai food is generally regarded as the best in the world.  Our guides are great cooks. Trekking is a strenuous business and we make sure that you are well fed. On our private treks you will be able to select your food. You will have the opportunity to learn some Thai and indigenous cooking as well during the trek.  
  • We try to buy as many products as possible from the villages we visit.
  • Our treks are being executed according to the highest safety standards. Our vehicles are the best available of its kind and are properly insured. Our guides are proficient in first aid and all carry a first aid kit. 
  • We have put a lot of thought, effort and energy into every single step of developing our programs and itineraries. We want to conduct Outdoor Adventure Tourism in the right way.
  • We keep our rubbish to a minimum, never leave anything behind while on tour and try to train the local people the basics of environmental protection as well.
  • We pay fair wages to our office staff and guides and try to generate benefits and extra income for the local villagers that we cooperate with.
  • All our guides get regular training on environmental conservation and we actively support them in spreading the word to the local communities we cooperate with.
  • Book online now or come and visit us at our office in Chiang Mai, Thailand or one of our various offices all over Laos for more information.


Why book online?

Not only is online booking a fast, save and easy way to organize your tours. It will guarantee you a spot on the day that you prefer, for the trip you prefer. If no bookings are made, we may decide to cancel some tours on certain days. But your booking of two people or more will guarantee the start of the tour! Furthermore you book directly with us, so if you have any questions about the booking process or our tours, please contact us here!

After completing the tour booking you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours, including a voucher and all information you need to know to plan your trip well ahead and enjoy your Outdoor Adventure in the best possible way.

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