Private Trekking - Three day Treks

The Chiang Dao Experience Trekking Tour - 3 days

Crossing the stream

During these three days you will explore the beautiful mountains of Northern Thailand, home to a variety of tribal people. You will visit the Karen, Lahu, Palong and Akha. Each of these tribes has their own traditions, customs, history and language.
Before the trek starts we will provide you with information on the tribes, on their language as well as on the natural history of the area.
Your guide will unveil the secrets of the forest and will teach you the basics of Thai cooking if you are interested to assist him with preparing dinner.

Doi Inthanon in Depth Trekking - 3 days

Doi Inthanon is one of Thailand’s most famous national park and for good reason. The park boasts the greatest diversity of forest types and bird species found in any single park in the country and features some beautiful waterfalls, dramatic views and extraordinary nature. This scenery will be the setting for your three days nature trek. Doi means 'mountain' in Northern Thai language. Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in Thailand (2,565 m). It was declared a national park in 1972. Explore one of it's most beautiful nature trails together with our guide and a local hilltribe guide.

Huay Nam Dang Trekking – 3 days

Over these 3 days we will get the chance test our rafting skills while bamboo rafting. We walk approximately 4-5 hours each day along sloping hills and valleys.
We leave our big packs in storage in Chiang Mai and take an overnight bag. Each person is required to be able to carry their own pack as our porters will be carrying food.

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