Tiger Trail Thailand Terms and Conditions

Tiger Trail Thailand Terms and Conditions (General)

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General Terms and Conditions

1. Reservations:

1.1 Tiger Trail Thailand is not responsible for any consequences of delays or change in schedules of airlines, trains, or public bus- or boats used in its programs.

1.2 Reservations are only guaranteed with payment made as mentioned under 3 in these terms and conditions.

1.3 We are not responsible for over-bookings by a third party, as long as we can proof with sufficient written documentation that overbooking has been the error of the third party.

1.4 If the confirmed accommodation is not available for any other reason mentioned under 1.3, we will provide the best possible alternative, in the same class or higher. If such accommodations are not available, we will compensate by upgrading accommodations in another location.

1.5 In case of overbooking by fault of a third party, we will do our best to negotiate a settlement to satisfaction of affected clients (hereinafter also referred to as "traveler") with third party, but will not be responsible if such settlement cannot be reached.

2. Travelers' responsibility:

2.1 Traveler is responsible for having proper travel documents, such as a valid passport with enough pages which is at least valid for 6 months upon entering the country.

2.2 Traveler is responsible to have proper and adequate travel insurance for the duration of the trip.

3. Terms of Payment:

3.1 Payment is due on the date specified as "due date" on our invoice.

3.2 Due date as in 3.1. will not be earlier than 15 days before arrival of clients, except in case of deposits as described under 3.3.

3.3 Deposits needed to secure certain reservations, such as for flights, cruises or hotel allotments will be communicated first, and may in some cases be invoiced with a separate due date as in 3.1.

3.4 We reserve the right to cancel any arrangements without notification if payments have not been received by the due date.

4. Cancellation Fees:

4.1 Time of notice of cancellation is counted upon local time receipt of written notification on working days only. Our office is open daily, expect on Sundays and on the following public holidays: April 13 and 14, December 25 and January 1 and 2.

4.2 Cancellation of confirmed individual bookings

4.2.1 Up to 15 days before start of services, following cost will be applied: A flat 5% of the total tour cost would be levied as administration and handling charges.

4.2.2 Between 14 days and 72 hours before start of services: 20% of tour costs

4.2.3 Less than 72 hours before start of services 50% of tour costs

4.2.4 Less than 24 hours before start of our services 100% of tour costs

4.3 We reserve the right to give no refund in case of cancellation of the remaining program, in full or partial, by the travelers after they started the tour.

5. Changes after Confirmation:

5.1 We reserve the right to charge administration fees of $100 per time for changes requested after a booking has been confirmed, but before 15 days prior to arrival. All changes requested would be subject to confirmation from the third parties and Tiger Trail Thailand would not be responsible for these not received in time due to high season/overbooking or any other reason beyond the control of Tiger Trail Thailand.

6. Complaints:

6.1 If a traveler in our services has a complaint, it must be communicated to Tiger Trail Thailand. Any complaint not reported to us locally, will not be taken in consideration at any later stage.

6.2 If a complaint is reported by traveler and cannot be resolved locally, Tour Operator will be notified and it will be handled between our companies.

6.2.1 It is unlikely that complaints cannot be settled amicably between us. However, should there be disputes, we reserve the right to limit and offer any goodwill refund. If we have followed the program as confirmed to you, and provided for all services therein mentioned, and the traveler is not satisfied with services provided by our staff (driver, guides, tour leaders) or our suppliers (such as third-party tour suppliers, cruises, accommodations etc.) we reserve the right to limit refunds to a maximum of 10% of fees paid to us for the complaining traveler's program.

7. Force Majeure:

7.1 Tiger Trail Thailand defines Force Majeure as: "Any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of a party which prevent or impede the due performance of our services including but not limited to war or hostilities; riot or civil commotion; epidemic; earthquake, flood or other natural disaster."

7.2 The traveler, and his agent warrants that Tiger Trail Thailand and its subsidiaries shall not be responsible and/or liable for costs or missed opportunity due to changes and /or cancellations in the program, or part(s) thereof due to Force Majeure.

8. Liability:

Tiger Trail Thailand and its subsidiaries shall always do its utmost to provide services to the best of its ability and work towards full satisfaction of the client. Tiger Trail Thailand acts solely as an intermediary between the traveler, his travel agent or tour operator, and local airlines, hotels, restaurants, boat companies and ground transportation companies. Tiger Trail Thailand is therefore not responsible for any loss, injury or damage sustained by the traveler, including those occurring outside the tour programs. We shall in no event be liable to the traveler or his travel agent, by reason of breach of services or unsatisfactory services provided to the traveler by third parties or by way of indemnity or in tort or otherwise, for any loss, injury, damage, delay, change in schedule or other adverse events which are beyond the control of Tiger Trail Thailand and/or sustained by an act or default of any person or company providing the services to the traveler.

9. Amendment to Terms and Conditions:

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and from

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