Ban Mae Kampong - Chae Sorn National Park


Ban Mae Kampong is about 60 kms northeast of Chiang Mai, only about one hour driver
It is located very close to the Chaesorn National Park.

Protected areas

Chae Sorn National Park
Chae Sorn National Park is often spelled Jae Son National Park. Confusing.
This National Park’s area is 592 square kilometres. In 1988 Chae Sorn National Park become Thailand’s 58th protected area. The mountains are part of the Khuntan range and are an important water source for the surrounding area. Highest peaks in  the park reach elevations of 2000 meters.


We offer several trips to Mae Kampong. We offer a two day homestay program as well as a program that combines homestay and zipline.

More programs are under preparation.
Mae Kampong gets many visitors due to Flight of the Gibbon. Not many people venture out into the forest.
Chaesorn National Park gets many Thai visitors over the weekend but during weekdays it is very quiet.

We plan to offer a couple of multiple day programs in the Chaesorn National Park, starting in Ban Mae Kampong.

Other activities

Mae Kampong is the base of Flight of the Gibbon, the first zipline in Chiang Mai. We include this in one of our programs.


Ban Mae Kampong is a Thai village. There are no tribal villages in the vicinity.


Mae Kampong waterfall and Doi Mon Lan from where you have a view over Chiang Mai, Lamphun and Lampang provinces.
Chae Sorn National Parks has hot springs which are the main attraction of the park.
There are several waterfalls such as the Chae Sorn waterfall which is a six-tiered waterfall. Less visited falls are the Mae Peak, Mae Koon and Mae Mawn Falls.

The park also has numerous cave systems including Pha-ngam, Mor, Luang and Loug Kae which are seldom visited.


there are two types of forest on the mountain: Deciduous forest below about 1,000 m elevation and evergreen forest above. The deciduous is further divided into two kinds, deciduous dipterocarp-oak forest in the driest areas and mixed evergreen deciduous forest along streams and gullies. Common species are trees of the families Dipterocarpaceae, Fagaceae and Magnoliaceae.


Animal species in Chae Sorn National Park include serow, barking deer, mouse deer, Siamese Hare, Malayan flying lemur, langur, macaque, golden cat, porcupine, treeshrew and wild boar. Don’t count on seeing any of these through.
Bird life in Chae Son includes White-rumped Shama, Red Junglefowl, woodpecker, bulbul, barbet, Tailorbird, green pigeon, warbler, babbler and dove.

Royal Projects

On the way to Mae Kampong you can visit the Tok Teen Royal Project, definitely worth a visit.

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