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Pornchai Singchai

Pornchai was born in 1955 in Thaton, in Chiang Rai province. He moved to Chiang Mai to work in a furniture shop. After two years he became the receptionist of a local guesthouse. In 1983 he obtained his guide licence and started working as trekking guide.  The first trekking area he guided was around  Thaton. At that time there was no elephant  riding nor  bamboo rafting available.

Pornchai has guided treks in almost every area in Northern Thailand. He has guided guests from a wide range of companies such as Khiri Travel, Shoestring, Monkey King, Sawasdee Reizen, NBBS, Cross Country Travels, Asia Transpacific Journeys, SNP, Baobab Reizen, Summum Reizen, Anders Reizen, Queenbee Travel, Riksja Travel, Erlebe Fernreisen and Rickshaw Travel.

In 2011 he started working for Tiger Trail Thailand and is our senior trekking guide. His experience and knowledge is of incalculable value for us. He lives in the Viang Pa Pao which is at the moment his favorite trekking area.


Patcharadanai Suthongsa, nickhame Singha

Singha was born in Loei in Northeast Thailand in 1978. When he was 12 years old his parents moved to Bangkok. He became a novice in a local temple.

In 1997 he moved to Chiang Mai.  He started working as a trekking guide assistant while he studied at Rajabhat University. In 1999 he obtained his trekking guide license and became a trekking guide. He worked for a local trekking company for 5 years before he started working as a freelance guide for a whitewater rafting company.

In 2011 he started working for Tiger Trail Thailand and he is one of our rising stars. He guided guests from lots of companies such as Monkey King, Shoestring, Summum Reizen, Riksja Travel, Erlebe Fernreisen and Rickshaw Travel.


Niwet Panyakam, nickname Kek

Kek was born in Chiang Mai. He graduated in Physical Education from Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. After graduation he became a teacher. After a while he found out that his heart was not in the classroom but in the forest. His father, a trekking guide, took him along on his trips and there he learnt his trade. He started as a driver on trekkings and after obtaining his guide licence started working as a trekking guide.

Kek has guided guests from lots of companies, amongst others Marvel Travel, Djoser Reizen, Eagle Trekking, Shoestring, Monkey King and Riksja Travel.

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